Mazury Curling Festival 2015

29 Sep 2015 · Łukasz Janczar

After the successful LDZ Camp 2011 and Mazury Curling Festivals 2012-2014, it was the fifth edition of summer curling events organized by Academic Sport Association in Poland, Polish Curling Clubs Federation and curling section of Polish Sport Organization. Giżycko and Wilkasy hosted the impressive number of 190 curlers from 10 Polish clubs and several foreign teams from Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Romania and Hong Kong. I took place from 5th to 13th of Setpember 2015.

Polish Universities Championships 5-6.09.2015

The first event of the Festival was Polish Universities Championship in which 6 student teams competed fiercely showing high level of professionalism. The winners are: POS Lodz [Cenzura] (skip Dominika Muskus) and Marlex Team ŚKC Katowice (current Polish Champions and National Team, skip Bartosz Dzikowski).

Coaches Clinic 6.09.2015

Coaches Clinic led by Björn Schröder and Lars Berg was an intensive whole day workshop attended by 13 Polish and Russian coaches. The objective of the training was to show the participants how to identify and correct errors and improve their students overall curling performance using advanced methods like curling software, lasers and time splitters.

Mazury Curling Camp 6 - 11.09.2015

The camp covered 5 days of training with a minimum of 4 hours of on-ice time and 2 hoursoff-ice events – workshops and sport activities on facilities of Centralny Ośrodek Sportu Akademickiego in Wilkasy. The participants were divided into two groups and trained under the supervision of international curling experts: Björn Schröder, Jiri Snitil, Aleksander Orlov and Lars Berg. Additionally individual and team consultations were held. 

Top Polish coaches Zuzanna Rybicka and Bartosz Dzikowski gave six presentations on healthy and sport nutrition, imagery training and rules of curling quiz. World Curling Federation Competition and Development Officer Allen Coliban presented WCF policy on development of curling and other programmes.

During the Festival three official open trainings were held for the citizens of Giżycko city and surrounding regions. The trainings attracted over 30 people. 

4th Mazury Curling Cup 11-13.09.2015

The final event of the Festival was a curling bonspiel with 36 teams playing 6-end games. International Allstars with Björn Schröder (Switzerland), Lars Berg (Sweden), Alexander Orlov, Pavel Kolobuchov and Vitaliy Karpinskiy (Russia) took first place winning all the matches. Full results are available here.

(text is redacted from official Mazury Curling Festival final report by Łukasz Janczar)