Another "Karate stunt" by Polish Curling Association

08 October 2018 17:10 Paweł Świątkowski In English

Polish curling community has grown very quickly and unexpectedly last week. On Tuesday Polish Curling Association (Polski Związek Curlingu) announced that they have admitted 21 clubs to be members. The membership means, among others, having a vote in elections appointing the board of PCA. According to an announcement on PCA's website, "this ends a multi-annual period of Polish curling community being divided".

Polish Academic Championships

11 September 2016 21:39 Paweł Świątkowski In English

On Sptember 5th, right after Mazury Curling Festival 2016 has ended, the ice rink in Giżycko became an arena for Polish Academic Championships games. For the first time mixed doubles competition was included alongside traditional men and women categories. 

Will Poland have its first all-year curling hall?

24 April 2016 23:23 Paweł Świątkowski In English

Poland has a chance to take next big step in national curling development with building a first all-year curling facility in the country. The information comes from Adela Walczak, member of a former national team in mixed doubles and skip of one of top women teams in Poland. She informed on Facebook that the deal for a new hall is almost sealed. The information was also confirmed by journalist and curling player Paweł Burlewicz in Przegląd Sportowy.

Mazury Curling Festival 2015

29 September 2015 09:57 Łukasz Janczar In English

After the successful LDZ Camp 2011 and Mazury Curling Festivals 2012-2014, it was the fifth edition of summer curling events organized by Academic Sport Association in Poland, Polish Curling Clubs Federation and curling section of Polish Sport Organization. Giżycko and Wilkasy hosted the impressive number of 190 curlers from 10 Polish clubs and several foreign teams from Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Romania and Hong Kong. I took place from 5th to 13th of Setpember 2015.

Silver for wheelchair team in Prague

21 April 2015 14:01 Paweł Świątkowski In English

From 18th to 19th April in Roztyly curling hall in Prague International Wheelchair Curling Czech Championships were held. Among six competing teams there was one from Poland – ISRS "Culani" – that won silver medal there. After difficult (but won) game in semifinals against JU Praha, Polish wheelchair curlers lost to Slovakian team in the final and got silver. Congratulations!

We have new National Champions!

16 April 2015 16:40 Paweł Świątkowski In English

Last weekend Polish National Championships in curling were played in Warsaw. None of defending champions managed to win again this year. New champions, that will represent Poland in Esbjerg on European Curling Championships are: Kofeina/Team Caffeine (skip Marta Szeliga-Frynia) and Marlex Team (skip Tomasz Zioło). Both teams represent Silesian Curling Club in Katowice.

Mixed Doubles Championships - results

03 March 2015 16:35 Paweł Świątkowski In English

Out of 54 teams that expressed their interest in Mixed Doubles Championships at first, only 18 actually took part in competition, that was held in Warsaw from February 26th to March 1st. The small number of final competitors was probably a result of PCCF's protest and clash with date of Letící Kameny tournament in Prague.

PCCF announces The Protest

11 February 2015 12:30 Paweł Świątkowski In English

Today Polish Curling Club's Federation decided to announce on their website a protest against actions of Polish Curling Association and called to boycott the upcoming Polish Mixed Doubles Championships. Below is a translation of their announcement:

Championships and requirements for seniors' National Team - a bunch of news from PCA

03 February 2015 19:15 Paweł Świątkowski In English

Yesterday Polish Curling Association announced a few important news on their site. Here we translate the most important point from them.

AZS Gliwice won first Polish Senior Championships

22 January 2015 15:35 Paweł Świątkowski In English

First Polish Senior Championships (for players of age at least 50) took place last weekend (17 - 18 January) in Warszawa. Three teams entered the competition and the results were: