Polish Academic Championships

11 września 2016 · Paweł Świątkowski

On Sptember 5th, right after Mazury Curling Festival 2016 has ended, the ice rink in Giżycko became an arena for Polish Academic Championships games. For the first time mixed doubles competition was included alongside traditional men and women categories. 

Due to the fact that academic championships are relatively non popular in Poland, only two male teams and two female teams entered the competition, meaning that the first game was also the last and the final. For women, team KKC Byle do Domu from Cracow was playing against AZS Gliwice Rozbitki. They won 6:5. As for men, the game was a local derby for teams from Gliwice: Ogień was playing against Smok. The former team won 4:1.

In mixed doubles, six teams entered the competition. In the final game Aneta Lipińska & Konrad Stych lost to Magdalena Wróbel & Aleksander Grzelka 3:6. Full standings were:

  1. Magdalena Wróbel / Aleksander Grzelka
  2. Aneta Lipińska / Konrad Stych
  3. Magdalena Dumanowska / Andrzej Augustyniak
  4. Martyna Wilczak / Mirosław Cholewa
  5. Anna Fejklowicz / Tomasz Bosek
  6. Katarzyna Staszczak / Jeremi Telak